TC Electronic Clarity X 7.1 + 16CH AES

# TCEL285000
Multi-Format Monitoring System
TC Electronic Clarity X 7.1 + 16CH AES

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5.1/7.1 monitor controller with built-in metering, included calibration microphone and a small foot-print remote.

• One-Stop Calibrated Listening - Measurement Microphone Included
• Multiple, High-Precision Meters for Optimum Mix Decisions
• Helps Increase the Speech Intelligibility of Your Production

What is it?
• Clarity X is an integrated audio-measurement and audio monitoring system that supports multiple formats and multiple monitor speakers simultaneously.
• It is designed to facilitate the creation of nicely balanced mixes, hereunder enhancing dialog intelligibility and loudness balance in broadcast and film.
- 5.1 & 7.1 Audio Monitoring System
- Audio Measurement with Meters
- Facilitates the well balanced mixes
- Increases dialog Intelligibility and loudness balance
- Broadcast
- Cinema Movie

Who is it for?
• Clarity One is designed for busy broadcast and film audio engineers who work long hours marrying sound and dialog to image.
• They value making the best balanced mixes with the highest possible dialog intelligibility they can under time pressure.
- Broadcast Audio Engineers
- Cinema Movie Audio Engineers
- Marrying Sound to Image
- Best Mixes
- Highest possible dialog Intelligibility

Why is it different?
• Clarity One brings several key elements of the mixing workflow into one central location, making it possible to complete audio for broadcast mixes faster and with greater confidence.
- Several key elements in one central location
- Helps creating faster mixes with greater confidence

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