TC Electronic Clarity X + 7.1 licence

# TCEL284900A
7.1 Monitoring/Metering System
TC Electronic Clarity X + 7.1 licence

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Calibrated Listening. Dedicated Metering. Increased Intelligibility.

Clarity X is an ultra-flexible monitor controller, covering channel formats up to 7.1 surround. Plus it includes several advanced meters that allow you to never compromise on the clarity and intelligibility of your mix.

Simply secure the best foundation for your crucial mix decisions, including monitor calibration, center channel balance, downmix and loudness compatibility, etc.

Clarity X helps you with all of this.
And still, we have merely scratched the surface of the best and most advanced Multi-Format Monitoring System ever created...

- One-Stop Calibrated Listening - Measurement Microphone Included
- Multiple, High-Precision Meters for Optimum Mix Decisions
- Helps Increase the Intelligibility of Your Production

This package includes:

- Physical Remote control
- Measurement Microphone
- Stereo and 5.1
- 7.1 Speaker License

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