Trinnov PRC2-AES67-MADI-2U

# TRIN043030
MC Processor DANTE, AES67 + MADI
Trinnov PRC2-AES67-MADI-2U
Verwachte levertijd: 2-5 werkdagen Prijs op aanvraag
Bel: 023 - 51 72 666
High Channel Count 64 channels IN / 64 channel OUT on a MADI and/or AES67 network. Adds MADI connectivity to the AES67/Ravenna configuration. MADI and AoIP can be fed to the processor simultaneously.

Hardware (Excluding software options)
Processors (2U-19" rack format) offering truly modular configurations, able to handle up to 64 IOs and processing channels. All possible Trinnov software available.

Software Option : OPTIMIZER
Loudspeakers Tuning Software (Room Correction)
Algorithms for loudspeakers to room calibrations in frequency, time and level domain for shooting room modes, early reflections and cure impulse response of any speaker sets from stereo to multichannel, including LCRS, 5.1, 7.1 up to 64 output channel setup.
Includes 2D and 3D remapping, presets management, and many advanced parameters for accurate and sensitive rooms.

OPT16-MC-HCC: Optimizer 16 channels
OPT24-MC-HCC: Optimizer 24 channels
OPT48-MC-HCC: Optimizer 48 channels
OPT64-MC-HCC: Optimizer 164channels
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